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Project Updates 2023


Community information update: Cush Wind Farm, Co. Offaly,
The Cush Wind Farm team are in the final phase of completing the wind farm planning application.
Previous information informed residents that the planning application would be ready for May 2023.
This date has now been moved to July 2023.
As agreed, the community team will update the website and inform local residents, groups & representatives when the planning application is submitted.
Should you have any queries, please contact us on freephone 1800 140 247


Thank you all for attending a very active two days in the Cush wind farm clinic on the 25th and 26th of January 2023. 
This one to one clinic engagement was a follow up to our door to door visits and provided productive, valuable feedback for the wind farm development team and gives an insight on the local concerns and input on how the community funding can have an impact in the area.
Please find here  photomontages provided at the clinic. Up to 30 further photomontages will be included in the planning application.


We are now happy to provide further consultation opportunities by providing a clinic starting on 25th January. This clinic will be held via appointment basis while observing all social distancing arrangements.
Details for the clinics can be found here
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